Goal Setting & Vision Mapping Workshop

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January 9th
3:00 pm EST

Before You Set Your Goals For 2020, Take A Necessary Pause To Create A Clear Vision For What You Really Want.

It's time for setting goals, planning new intentions, and creating action for the life and work you want to pursue. 

Unfortunately, we have a habit of letting life take over without taking the time to make conscious choices in our lives to get to our goals. And we have a habit of over-burdening ourselves with too many things on our plate and then self-sabotaging when we get burnt out from it all.

In this interactive workshop, Screw The Cubicle founder, Lydia Lee, will share how she's learned to cultivate commitment in her life and business. She'll guide you through a process of assessing your own priority goals and gaining immense self-awareness to identify what really matters for you to achieve your goals in 2020.

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New Dreams And A Fresh Vision For 2020

At this workshop, you'll walk away with a clear vision for changes to make in your life and work that's aligned with your top values.

Valuable Lessons To Move You Forward

There's so much you've learned about what's right for your life and work. You'll use these key lessons to plan boundaries and what you'll say "Yes" and "No" to in the new year.

Wrap Up 2019 To Ease Into 2020

You'll take the time to reflect what's occurred in the last year to help you identify what you need to achieve your goals in 2020.

Guiding Theme For Your Big 3 Goals

You'll choose a North Star Theme to guide your decisions and actions for the year. Together, we'll identify the 3 Priority Goals you'll feel motivated to pursue for your best year yet!

Discover Answers In Your Challenges

Your obstacles and personal challenges reveal how you'll want to grow as a human to create a more meaningful way to live and work.

An Honest Conversation With Yourself

Gain valuable personal insights about what you really want with honest questions you can start asking yourself.


Hi, I'm Lydia!

Freedom Instigator. Reinvention Strategist. Infamous Cackler.

I help passionate humans reinvent their work lives to make their highest contribution in the world.

I create the space for purpose-driven folks to take a necessary pause to explore 'what’s next' in the new chapter of their lives.

At the core of my work is the belief that we can create a relationship with work that's deeply meaningful for us and others. We have permission to create a work-life that's right for us, even if it doesn't jive with societal expectations. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our lives for work, but we still need work in our lives. The right work.  

For me, the ‘right work’ has been supporting others in living lives that are aligned with what matters most to them, by creating meaningful work and finding their own version of success.

My work has been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, featured in The Globe & Mail, and The Telegraph. 

January 9th
3:00 pm EST